Monday, November 22, 2010

E.A.S.T. Summary

E.A.S.T. finally came (and went).  It was two weekends jam-packed with lots of people and some new stuff.  I finally set up the studio and got a really positive response from everybody.  I was told how warm and inviting the room seemed, and I agree.  I like being there.  

I have a new logo and got a vinyl sign made.  My neighbor, Kris Kotcher,  drew the teeth and the diamonds and my buddy Billy Bishop, of Obsolete Industries, helped me do the computer design work.  He hooked me up with East End Ink and they printed the vinyl sign, a banner for the studio, and a banner with my logo on it.  Those dudes are awesome.

Additionally, my lovely friend, Kristen, did an interview with me for the Austininst, an online mag dedicated to exciting things happening in the city.  You can read it here.  Check out the additional photos she took as well as her blog.  She makes rad cut-out books!

Whew! Link city!  Now, photos....
Here's the vinyl and my welcoming table, complete with an E.A.S.T. catalog and a couple promo items for all those who helped me out.

view from the doorway
my bench
my little display


I haven't posted in a while so there'll be a couple of updates in a row.  My friend Ty helped me replace the ceiling tiles and insulation in the studio.  It was really gross.