Friday, February 4, 2011

learning to shoot my own photos

I'm trying to get better at this.  So, at the beginning of January, I got together with a few of my former classmates from ACC (I just graduated--wooho!).  We combined efforts and cameras, displays, and lighting equipment to try to do some expert photos of our own.  I definitely knew I needed a new digital camera and decided to test out their's and get some tips from my friends.

We all gathered in my studio to see what we could come up with.  I think the results turned out well...

I donated this to a charity auction

for mom

photo shoot

Although this happened back in November, I am just now getting these photos on here.  They have gone through multiple stages and have been up on my Etsy site for months.  I do have some outtakes and other fun images that I'd like to share with my readers, however.

I asked a few friends of mine to model and I think they did a great job.  I chose Davis Ayer as my photographer, based on some recommendations from a few friends.  He does beautiful portraits.

We did the shoot at my apartment complex.  The building was built in the early 70's and there's a lot of really fun textures and sunny areas to shoot.  It was a little chilly outside, but the mimosas, coffee,  and breakfast tacos kept us going.  We all took turns holding equipment and encouraging each other.  My neighbors had no idea what was going on.

Davis Ayer was the photographer.
Maya and Marcus lounging in between shots.
my cat was very curious about what we were all doing.
jen getting caught in the bathroom.

Monday, November 22, 2010

E.A.S.T. Summary

E.A.S.T. finally came (and went).  It was two weekends jam-packed with lots of people and some new stuff.  I finally set up the studio and got a really positive response from everybody.  I was told how warm and inviting the room seemed, and I agree.  I like being there.  

I have a new logo and got a vinyl sign made.  My neighbor, Kris Kotcher,  drew the teeth and the diamonds and my buddy Billy Bishop, of Obsolete Industries, helped me do the computer design work.  He hooked me up with East End Ink and they printed the vinyl sign, a banner for the studio, and a banner with my logo on it.  Those dudes are awesome.

Additionally, my lovely friend, Kristen, did an interview with me for the Austininst, an online mag dedicated to exciting things happening in the city.  You can read it here.  Check out the additional photos she took as well as her blog.  She makes rad cut-out books!

Whew! Link city!  Now, photos....
Here's the vinyl and my welcoming table, complete with an E.A.S.T. catalog and a couple promo items for all those who helped me out.

view from the doorway
my bench
my little display


I haven't posted in a while so there'll be a couple of updates in a row.  My friend Ty helped me replace the ceiling tiles and insulation in the studio.  It was really gross.


Friday, October 29, 2010


I finally put the molding in.  Ouch.  Everything hurts and I now know the true nature of the walls in the space but it's all starting to look like a real room.  I wish it had come out cleaner than it did, but for my first time and with only the internet and the kind folks at Home Depot to help me out, I think I did all right.  Tomorrow involves a caulk gun, fiberglass insulation, ceiling tiles, and some paint.  (That's all prior to dancing around in a costume after a few beers).

SPOILER ALERT: I will be dressed as the chicken lady for Halloween. Enjoy the video!

Here's some photos:

here's all the pieces, primed, painted, and laid out to dry.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

E.A.S.T. (East Austin Studio Tour) 2010

I'm participating in the annual East Austin Studio Tour.  Each year, studios in Austin's East side of town open their doors and welcome the city to see "where the magic happens".  

This is my first year doing it and I am very excited as well as nervous and anxious to get everything done.  I'm really excited to be 100% in my space so I can manically create more pieces.

Here's a sketch of an upcoming ring:

Monday, October 25, 2010

My film debut

I made some jewelry pieces for the upcoming horror film, Boneboys.  It's a gorefest about cannibals and I made a cast sterling silver ring of a pelvis as well as a spinal column necklace.

The stones are synthetic rubies.  I love this photo! The ring looks like a little creature.

I cast the two pieces from plastic skeletons that the costume designer, Colin Wilkes, got at a dollar store or somethin' and added waxwork to both pieces to fill in gaps or make them look better.

I hand-carved the ring with a skeletal pattern to emulate bony fingers holding the tiny pelvis.

Here's the casting of just the spinal column:

Here's a link to the still photographer's flickr page....